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I’m Milan!

A California-bred self-starter, life-long learner and optimist. 

(Oh and lover of all things craft beer.)


Welcome to my classroom and my tribe. 


Hi there! My name’s Milan. 

Ever since my grandpa made me my first email address at eight years old, I’ve been obsessed with blogging and digital storytelling.

Today, I work as an influencer marketing professional for a popular skincare brand and freelance content creator. (My dream job!) Ever since the start of my career, my most frequently asked question has been “How do I build a _______ online?”

Well. I have lots of answers. 

Whether it be a blog, a new business, or a personal brand... I’m here to help you with your social media and digital strategy.

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What I Specialize In


for content creators


to separate you from any overcrowded market

Social Media Strategy + SEO

the dreaded algorithms?

It’s a science

Writing + Digital Photography

to create content

that resonates


scared to put yourself out there?

“The only way to avoid criticism is to say nothing, do nothing, or be nothing.”

“Milan took the daunting process of building a social media following and broke it into digestible steps with clear actions. Her level of detailed insight was invaluable and her kind, clear approach was inspiring.”

 “Milan is knowledgeable, creative, skilled, and approachable. No question was too big or too small! She made the seemingly overwhelming landscape of social media seem very tangible and possible to understand and harness as the useful tool that it can be.”

“I learned so much from Milan. There were a lot of exciting ideas and information as well as clear, actionable steps to take from every lesson.”


Brand PartnershipS Include: